Nicole Frederick

wrestling with/pressing into/celebrating life in Jesus


It’s a thing to watch your own body change, swell with life and hope and fulfillment. My body had finally caught up with the expectation of my heart. I watched him grow, wondering at who he would be, how the Lord would use his life. He and I spent countless minutes in the shower talking about the upcoming months and the man who would be his father; my momma heart.. Read More

You the real MVP

I saw it coming. Like you see a tornado coming…ominous and twisty, deadly and unwelcome, wreckage in the wake. Mother’s Day. From here, from the almost-end of this day, from the calm, I can’t see wreckage. There were moments of near tears, moments of chest-gripping, take-your-breath-away ache, but only moments. All of today was buffered by grace. Praying the Lord breathes life into you on this day that pours salt.. Read More


Our group this month was small. Four ladies, including myself, gathered for two hours. Eating. Talking. Praying for one another. And this question: What are you learning about God and yourself right now? It’s a heavy question on any day, but that day it landed with a thud in my heart. As those around me began to share where they were, how He was calling their name, how they were.. Read More


What do you say when you know He is good but you’ve not felt the goodness in days? when words about His sovereignty and help fail to bring comfort, relief, release? He is good. He is good. He is good to me. He is good to me even now. even here. He is always and only good.   What do you do when you repeat truth over and over and over again.. Read More


Being sick turns life on its head. Nothing functions as it does when you are well, when your life has routine. Illness pulls out the stops, puts you on the couch with a stack of pillows, cough drops, gallons of water and a relentless prayer for sleep. Outside of the norm, inside of the sickness, communication with my Healer becomes abbreviated and very one-track: Heal me. Fix this. We are.. Read More

Ode to Twenty-Three

I think you forget how old I am. You think? Yeah. Were I 23, the timetable of my life would be solidly supported by my culture and make much more sense to my own heart. Married three years and counting, walking through the messy, learning how to lean in and laugh with my beloved. Living in an apartment, fancying a home of our own. Loving my dog and dreaming of.. Read More

ll breaking the surface ll

I was quite young when He dropped the seed into my heart. It occupied space on the topsoil; a few conversations with safe people in my life. No watering. No cultivating. No growth. Hidden, buried, forgotten, dead.   Fourteen years after it’s fall into my heart it began to grow. I don’t even know how to do this, Jesus. I do. // I was desperate for community…for a tangible, touchable someone.. Read More


The boy wasn’t even on my radar. And that was fine. The wreckage that was the last 8 years had only recently slammed into my Savior. Things still felt messy, sticky, turbulent. Daily, He taught me the beauty of conversation, of asking good questions, of holy relationship. Light overtook the dark places and chased lies from the recesses. I was in pursuit of my heart’s greatest love. And this boy wasn’t.. Read More


For months, He had been preparing my heart. His words ran over my soul daily: He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. In Him we live and move and have our being. You hem me in, behind and before, and lay your hand upon me. I gorged myself on His presence, on His promises. I rejoiced in Him, and my heart said: let’s get this.. Read More

// all hope is not lost //

Sometimes I can’t see. I don’t know where I’m standing…or why I’m standing.   And sometimes, I can’t stand. The storm is relentless. I am soaked to the bone. Hope is long lost. And I’m begging for the end. Is there any way I can just not do this anymore? Take this dream from me. This promise.                            .. Read More